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Wonderful Winter Wedding Beauty Tips

Wonderful Winter Wedding Beauty Tips

Are you getting married in the cold winter season? From choosing the right dress to deciding whether a tan will look good on your skin, you have plenty of challenges to deal with before your big day. You need to make sure that you are a beautiful and blushing bride even in dreadful weather. This is exactly why I created a list of winter wedding beauty tips perfect for helping you prepare for everything this winter season has to throw at you on your special day.

Wear Sensible Shoes

In the winter, you need to wear sensible shoes. As glamorous as strappy heels look, they are going to give you hell when navigating snow and mud. For this reason, you should buy a pair of sensible shoes that you can walk in and save your heels for the indoors.

Ditch Dry Skin

Cold weather has the ability to dry your skin and make it look bad. This means that you should drink plenty of water before your wedding day and moisturize your skin daily. If your skin is naturally dry, the cold weather might make it look worse, so you should tell your makeup artist.

Make Your Hair Glossy

Most people think that hot weather dries out their hair but cold weather can also do a number on it. In the two weeks leading up to your wedding, you should deep condition your hair to ensure that it is well moisturized on the big day. You can even do this at home with a simple coconut oil soak overnight throughout the week leading up to your big day. This will make sure your hair isn’t thirsty of frizzy on your big day.

Get Your Nails Done

Healthy nails have 18 percent water, but they lose most of it during the winter, as you are constantly moving between freezing temperatures and dry indoors air. These extremes will reduce the moisture levels in your nails, leaving them dry and brittle. However, you can keep your nails healthy by soaking them in oil and applying moisturizers, even getting a bottle of pure glycerin can be a life saver if your hands seem to be uncontrollably dry during the winter.

Snow-Related Nightmares

In the cold season, there is always a chance that something might go wrong because of the ice. If the worst happens and your hair stylist and makeup artist are delayed, you need to have a backup plan. You should make sure that one of your bridesmaids knows her way around makeup and can fill in for your makeup artist at the last minute.

You can even include makeup artist in your Target Wedding Registry – Blueprint Registry to ensure that the person who signs up for the task does not get you anything else.

Red Cheeks

During the cold weather, your cheeks might be redder than usual, which means that you have to wear makeup in a way that minimizes the flushed look. You should talk to your makeup artist and make sure that you look for a foundation that gives you enough coverage. Make sure of course your foundation is great for sensitive skin. Adding more irritants to your already winter wind blown cheeks can just become another issue.

Flowers in the Hair

If you want to include some flowers in your hair, you should choose the best ones. Choose winter blossoms that can survive the cold weather without withering. If you do not know where to get the right flowers, you should talk to your florist or wedding planner.

Winter Wedding

Say No to the Flu

The chances of you having a cold on your wedding day are very high during the winter. If you do not want to have a red and runny nose on your big day, make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and veggies to keep your immune system strong. Moreover, you should wash your hands regularly.

Get Golden

If you are going to honeymoon in a warm place, you might want to consider applying a tanning product to your skin. This of course is something that is personal to you but you can also think of going in for a base tan before hand if you are fair skinned. Doing this can help prevent some unwanted sunburns, especially for those of us on the paler side. Then never forget to keep up with your sunscreen to make sure you still don’t end up burnt for your big day.

Keep Warm

If you are having a winter wedding, you need to have a warm and stylish coat. Make sure that you love your coat as much as you love your dress because you might be rocking it all day. If you are having the wedding indoors, you can remove the coat and show off your dress.

Unpredictable Weather

During winter, the weather is more unpredictable than usual. In anticipation of some showers, you should ask one of the ushers to have an umbrella nearby. If your hair gets wet, you might end up ruining your entire look. If you are in Vancouver of course the rain is a regular obstacle that is always taken into account for every and all events. But during the months of December all the way up till March you can get hit with irregular snow – so make sure you aren’t planning an event somewhere where the roads might get dicey during the winter months. You have to think of your guests and how they will travel to and from your wedding in possible snow.

Did you have a winter wedding and how did you prepare? Please Share!!

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