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What are the Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin?

What are the Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin?

This is a guest post by my awesome friend and Health Coach:Bess Blanco.
Bess has been supporting women and their families in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.
Today she will be giving us tips for picking the right foods that will help us prevent wrinkles and have beautiful skin: a topic that’s near and dear to my heart ? .
Read on to learn more about the top 5 foods to give your skin a beautiful shine!

Best foods for beautiful skin

In our quest for gorgeous, youthful skin, we often reach for cleansers, creams and quick fixes. Though taking care of your skin from the outside is important, as it adds to your natural beauty, keep in mind the importance of taking the time to add in the right foods to your diet. This will go an even longer way in ensuring that you keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. Nourishing yourself from the inside out will guarantee that healthy glow we all crave!

This is easy enough to do, just by adding in a few more of these vibrant choices of whole foods:

1- Blueberries

These delicious little jewels among all other fruits hold the highest concentration of antioxidants, which is how they pack the powerful punch of anti-aging for your skin. Also high in vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E, they work to neutralize free radicals that try to invade your skin from the environment! Try adding a half cup of them to your morning smoothie, or over a greek yogurt parfait.

2- Tea

It’s no secret that hydration is key to retaining fabulous, youthful skin. However, in addition to those eight glasses of water you should be enjoying daily to keep your hydration at healthy levels, there are two teas to add to your hydration regimen! Try white tea, which promotes hydration of your cells, as well as green tea, which contains the EGCG complex, a highly desirable antioxidant. Both are minimally processed, which is how they retain the benefits they naturally possess to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Enjoy them as often as daily with your meals or as a midday treat!

3- Salmon & other fatty fish

This fish contains a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, which nourish your skin by taming your body’s natural production of inflammatory substances. Grill or bake a 4-ounce serving to enjoy with sautéed vegetables for dinner or lunch.

4- Beans & lentils 

With these power-packed super-foods, the color is vital in the effectiveness as an anti-ager for your skin. Choosing the deeper red varieties, such as kidney, red, and pinto beans as well as black beans will deliver more antioxidants for skin health. Enjoy them in ½ cup servings, or sprinkled into soups, salads, and quesadillas.

5- Sweet Potatoes 

The high amount of carotene found in this super-food (which is what gives the root its color!) is a contributor to the amazing ability in a sweet potato to halt the aging process in your skin. The added benefits of high amounts of vitamins C, B2, and B6 as well as “storage proteins” in a sweet potato also work to ward off free radicals and hinder aging from within your body. Baked, stewed or mashed, sweet potatoes are delicious served plain, or with a pat of butter and sprinkle of pepper.

As you can see, there are many delicious foods available to supplement your diet with and promote the youthful feel and appearance of your skin. Keeping that young look is as easy as enjoying more of these delicious choices!

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