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In Jammu “Red Zones” without a COVID19 Case- Locals ask why

In Jammu “Red Zones” without a COVID19 Case- Locals ask why

Jammu, 19/04/2020:  Without a single case of coronavirus, two neighbourhoods in Jammu city have been declared as containment zones and kept under strict restrictions for over three weeks.

The residents of Gujarnagar and Bathindi areas say they are facing hardships due to prolonged harsh restrictions since March 29 when containment order was issued by the district administration.

No one is telling us why we are being treated like a Red zone. There is no COVID-19 case reported in our neighbourhood before, or after Deputy Commissioner Jammu declared it a Red zone, said a resident of Gujarnagar.

The residents allege that even patients are not being allowed to come out and visit doctors from these areas.

According to the standard operating procedure, areas with a significant number of cases, where there is suspicion of cluster transmission, can be declared as red zones by deputy commissioner concerned.

Except medical emergencies, inward and outward movement from containment zones is strictly prohibited.

As per the order issued under section 144 CRPC, “no movement of any individual for any reason shall be permitted into Bhatindi and Gujjar Nagar areas. However, for medical emergency, individuals can contact 24X7 control numbers” reads the order issued by deputy commissioner Jammu on March 29.

“This is not the way to fight coronavirus. We will support every government decision to control COVID but how can government justify declare a place as containment zone which has no case of COVID,” said another resident.

“Such decisions can only increase sufferings of common people. It can’t fight COVID. Please go and check some VIP areas. There are positive cases but they have not been declared as red zones” he said.

Around 90 locations across Jammu and Kashmir have been declared as red zones after a spike in COVID-19 positive cases in the region.
Jammu & Kashmir has reported 341 cases of COVID.

As per official data, Jammu district has reported 26 cases, but no one is from Gujjarnagar and Bathindi localities.

While Deputy Commissioner Jammu, who issued the order didn’t respond to calls and text message, a senior J&K Officer said he will ascertain the details why these localities have been declared as containment zones if there have no cases of COVID.