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5 Tips for Hydrated Skin During Summer

5 Tips for Hydrated Skin During Summer

  1. Skip the salty snacks and other treats that are high in carbs & sodium- these will only cause your skin to be dry and your body to be non-hydrated. What to go for instead: fresh-cut cucumbers [95% water content!], watermelon [92% water content], strawberries [91% water content], yogurt [fuller-fat contains up to 88% water content!], & papaya [at an 88% water content too].
  2. The age-old saying REALLY IS true….drink plenty of water- but don’t overdo it either! Ever heard of over-hydration?! Water intoxication is a real medical condition and it can happen- avoid drinking more than one liter per fluid every hour, especially during or after recent cont. exertion or prolonged heat/sun exposure. This can lead to an electrolyte imbalance & potential risks of water poisoning or intoxication :/ One of my fav’s that also tastes fantastic AND comes in a wide variety of flavors [19]: Watermelon Hint Water & Raspberry Hint Water (top 2 picks).
  3. Apply a light, oil-free moisturizer to your entire body- immediately after getting out of the shower/bath. This ensures that your skin’s moisture will be locked in and fight back against dryness, stopping it dead in its tracks 😉 I’m loving the water-based lotion from Silkriller- especially for Summer. It also contains silk fibroin and amino acids that will leave skin ultra soft and moisturized!
  4. Beauty, personal, & household products to avoid- these will only encourage the drying-out of skin: deodorant soaps, products with artificial fragrances, items containing alcohols, retinoids, or AHA’s…even detergents and many cleaning agents can do the same, leaving your skin dry, brittle, & unhealthy. If you do have to use these types of chemicals with your hands, wear gloves!
  5. Give your skin a boost from the outside-in, with a product that’s curated with just the skin in mind. When you cleanse your skin or remove makeup, ensure that you’re utilizing a product that won’t dry it out instead!


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